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Shoney’s wants kids to learn.


Since 1997, Shoney’s has donated more than $100,000 in sponsorships to the Knoxville Zoo. Shoney’s sponsored the white alligator exhibit in both 1997 and 2007, the “Prairie Dog Pass” exhibit in 1998, the “Orange & White” tiger exhibit in 1999, and “Black Bear Falls” in 2000. Shoney’s has also sponsored “Boo at the Zoo,” distributing prizes instead of candy to promote healthy choices for kids. Shoney’s donations in the 1970s added two black leopards, a cougar, and an elephant to the zoo’s animal collection.


Shoney’s partnered with local schools at this program’s inception. Each Shoney’s restaurant partners with at least one elementary school and, sometimes, with a middle and a high school as well. Shoney’s provides bulletin board space in restaurants for students’ artwork, supports school sport programs, purchases yearbooks ads, supports Project GRAD programs, provides educational incentives for students, and provides our mascot, Shoney Bear, to schools for special programs and events. Click here to learn more about the Adopt-A-School program.


Each year the Tennessee Smokies encourage students to read during the summer by rewarding them for the number of books read. Targeted at elementary-school students in the six counties surrounding Smokies stadium, the program has five reading levels to complete. When a student completes each reading level, they earn free tickets to a Smokies game and a free Kids Healthy Meal coupon from Shoney’s.

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