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Shoney’s wants kids to be healthy.

Because Shoney’s cares about children’s health, we have partnered with East Tennessee Children’s Hospital for numerous programs. This relationship began with the Eating & Living Healthy program, which provided curricula to area classrooms and promoted healthy lifestyles for children at community events. Shoney’s and ETCH received a PRSA Award of Excellence for community service for the program. This recognition was for the joint goals of both organizations to “help educate and offer parents and children ways to maintain balance, moderation, and variety in their diet and physical activities.” The National Restaurant Association awarded Shoney’s and ETCH the Good Neighbor Award in 2004 and 2005 for promoting the Eating & Living Healthy campaign in East Tennessee.


Shoney’s has served as a benefactor for the ETCH Fantasy of Trees fundraiser since 1995. Shoney’s employees also design and decorate a tree platform and open room vignette for the event. Over the past twenty-three years, this extraordinary show has generated more than $4.6 million to assist the hospital in providing the best possible healthcare to the children of East Tennessee and surrounding communities.


Each year, ETCH conducts a one-week camp for diabetic children where they learn life skills such as understanding what foods are best for their restrictive diet. Shoney’s provides a healthy lunch for them once during the week and ETCH teaches them how to incorporate healthy foods into their daily diet.


In addition to helping children, Shoney’s supports organizations that help their families. Shoney’s agreed to be one of the first partners for KARM’s Feed the Need program in 2005. By asking customers to make a small donation, Shoney’s has raised $42,494.00 in five years of participation. Shoney’s also donates meal incentives and coupons to KARM’s many fundraising events. During the Praise 96.3 radio-thon last year, KARM received the greatest number of call-in pledges when Shoney’s offered a dinner coupon to callers who pledged a minimum amount.

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