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Eating & Living Healthy

Shoney’s Restaurants and East Tennessee Children’s Hospital know that helping children maintain a healthy lifestyle involves learning about what makes up a healthy diet along with daily exercise. With that goal in mind, Shoney’s Restaurants and Children’s Hospital together have provided many programs in the local community focusing on improving children’s healthy habits.

Shoney’s Restaurants strongly believes in supporting the communities surrounding their restaurants. In maintaining their ongoing partnership since 1996, Shoney’s Restaurants and Children’s Hospital have collaborated to teach eating and living healthy habits to East Tennessee children. Specifically showing kids how they will benefit from leading an active, healthy lifestyle. The “living healthy” component encourages daily physical fitness as it relates to a healthy diet to develop healthy kids.

In addition to providing information to the local area, Children’s Hospital and Shoney’s Restaurants are committed to sharing the “eating & living healthy” message with many communities throughout East Tennessee. We do this by hosting special events, attending events at local schools, preparing public service announcements and participating in health fairs and expos. Children’s Hospital and Shoney’s Restaurants provide key message topics including the importance of breakfast basics and how proper hand washing can help keep people healthy by preventing spreading germs to others.

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